Adaptations of CNOSSOS-EU to third octave bands

CNOSSOS-EU is a new European calculation method for noise levels from road traffic, railway traffic and industry sources. The method is described in the EU Directive 2015/996. Its objective is to ensure that a uniform method is used throughout Europe to calculate noise levels for area planning and action plans to protect the populations’ health from excessive noise levels.

As CNOSSOS-EU deviates from the current noise calculation methods in Norway, this must be amended to fit current Norwegian policies. On behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet) SINTEF has written a report that describes how 1/3 octave resolution can be introduced in CNOSSOS-EU which CNOSSOS-EU in its current state does not support. The report can be found here:


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Please note that some of the coefficients have been updated in July 2021.