• DISTANCE – Developing Innovative Solutions for Traffic Noise Control in Europe (EU Project)
  • Environmental noise and children’s sleep and health
  • HASSE – Hearing assistant for the elderly (Funded by The Research Council of Norway)
  • Ørland Main Air Base – F-35 Noise calculations
  • LEO – Low Emission Optimised tyres and road surfaces for electric and hybrid vehicles (EEA Project)
  • MAUS – Mobile auralisation of outdoor noise
  • Milstøy – Software for calculating noise maps from military noise activities
  • MOVE – Methods and systems for monitoring of environmental impacts from road traffic (Funded by The Research Council of Norway)
  • MASENS – Mobile and autonomous sensor systems
  • NaviGuide – Smartphone assisted navigation system for the visually impaired (Funded by The Research Council of Norway)
  • NextStepNoise Exposure Tackled Safely Through Ear Protection. The paramount objective of the NextStep project is to reduce the risk of developing hearing loss among workers in noisy industries.
  • NORTIM – NORwegian Topography Integrated Model – Aircraft noise calculation software
  • SensIs – Real-time underwater wireless sensor network for monitoring ice drift in The High North (Funded by The Research Council of Norway)
  • UNISOUND – Sound distribution system for increased speech intelligibility, understanding and interaction (Funded by The Research Council of Norway)
  • Simulation of ultrasonic well logging (Statoil project)
  • Noise mapping of offshore platform (Statoil project)
  • Aircraft noise annoyance in Norway (Norwegian Defence Estates Agency project)
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