About ARC

Since 2004, the acoustics groups at NTNU and SINTEF have cooperated as a Gemini Centre called the Acoustics Research Centre. The purpose of this collaboration is building an acoustics community of even greater size and quality than what can be achieved individually.


The core activity of NTNU is education and fundamental research, while the core activity of SINTEF is strategic and commissioned research. Through the Gemini Centre cooperation, NTNU employees are brought into commissioned research while SINTEF employees contribute to educating and advising Master’s and ph.d. students at NTNU. In addition, the ARC collaboration aims for the sharing of scientific equipment and laboratories, to the mutual benefit of both groups.

Sharing of knowledge

Monday meetings, held over lunch every Monday, is an established tradition at the ARC. In these meetings, we discuss news and our ongoing projects. Another established ARC tradition is holding ARC seminars, where researchers from SINTEF and NTNU hold more in-depth talks about their research. This helps keep the entire centre informed about ongoing research in greater depth.

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