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To analyse the usage pattern of, we use Google Analytics, a service for web analysis from Google, Inc (“Google”). See Google’s privacy policy. The analysis uses Cookies which are small text files that the web page stores at the user’s computer. Information about the useage gathered by the cookie is sent to Google and stored at the company’s servers in the US. Among other things, the cookie gathers your IP address. Google will use the information to estimate your usage of the web page, produce reports to the web page administrator about the activity at, and provide other services connected to the activity on the web page and the internet. Google can supply this information to third parties if there is a legal obligation, or if the third party handles the information on behalf of Google. Google will not collocate your IP address with other information Google may have. You can decline the use of cookies on your computer by making changes to your web browser settings. By using this web page you accept that Google handles information about you in the way and purpose described above.


To allow visitors to comment posts, we use the Disqus blog comment hosting service. See the Disqus privacy policy. The Disqus service uses cookies which collect information about the users, and stores this information on their servers in the US. To comment you can log in with Disqus or other social media account, or you can comment without logging in. We can see the e-mail and IP address of those who comment, and we reserve the right to block or delete comments that we find inappropriate, without warning. We also encourage visitors to share their views and opinions, and keep a friendly and factual tone.